Breakout Rooms

The Hanover Conference Centre features a range of breakout areas situated off the main McDonald Room as well as other spaces. They’re perfect for workshops, smaller sessions, interviews or as separate catering areas for larger events.

The Annandale, Dryden and Broughtom rooms are situated off the main McDonald Room and has a 20-person capacity. Two of the rooms can also be combined to create a 50-seat venue. We have circular and rectangular tables available.

Conference room configurations


U Shape



Features of the Breakout rooms

  • Loop hearing system;
  • Fitted PA system with handheld, lapel and desk microphones;
  • Large screen video conferencing facilities; and
  • A high-speed wi-fi network.

We’re always keen to recieve feedback on our facilities and the service we provide so welcome your feedback to help us approve.

Room rates

All the prices include flipcharts, pads, pens and wifi. We can also provide extra laptops and projectors – just let us know.

Full day Half day
The Annandale, Broughton, Dryden Rooms (each) £90 £65
Annandale and Broughton rooms (combined) £175 £90

The Annandale, Broughton, Dryden Rooms (each)

Full day:
Half day:

Annandale and Broughton rooms (combined)

Full day:
Half day:

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Videos and teleconferencing





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